Writing scenes for Avengers Endgame

If I was writing Avengers Endgame

Warning: you will have to use your imagination when reading these

On April 26th, The Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic
Universe will be changed forever. We all know about the phenomenon
that is Avengers Endgame; tickets for showtimes around the world are
already sold out. Heck, I barely got one and I was there within the
first few hours.

After some theorizing with friends, I got to thinking, what would I
do if I was the writer for Avengers Endgame? What kind of scenes,
character moments and emotional payoffs would I include? Well, wait
not further, because here are some scenes that I have written for
Avengers Endgame. Note that these are just for entertainment purposes
only and are created by me, a person who loves writing and
superheroes. I hope you enjoy.

Thanos is a farmer?

I would have a scene that shows Thanos at his new planet
farming the land and growing flowers. It would be a difference
between the Thanos that we saw in Infinity War, the one that wiped
out half the universe, but it could also show off what he’s always
wanted to do, and what he could have been if he hadn’t been so

It would be a surprising scene to see him as an average
farmer (in space) and it would also show yet another side to him;
he’s not really a fighter but someone who wants peace and will put
down the gauntlet as soon as he’s achieved it.

W’Kabi is not done yet

Scene 2- I would have a scene where a few days after The Snap,
everyone in Wakanda is still struggling with what happened and Queen
Ramonda is barely keeping order among the people. In the midst of all
this chaos, Okoye is told that her husband W’Kabi wishes to see her.

Giving a surprise look, she follows the Dora Milaje soldier to her
husband’s cell. A ragged looking W’Kabi looks at her and greets her
while she glares at him and demands to know that he wants. W’Kabi
stares that still-loyal members of the Border Tribe have informed him
of what happened with Thanos.


Getting angrier and angrier, W’Kabi states that Wakanda was right to
not let outsiders in because shortly after they did, their King
T’Challa was killed and all of Wakanda was thrown into chaos. Okoye
reminds her husband that he didn’t see T’Challa as his king and it
wasn’t just Wakandans that died either.

Leaning back against the wall, W’Kabi states that after the incident, a lot more Wakandans
will see his point of view and look to him to lead and that she’ll be
back. Okoye vows to never let that happen and leaves. This scene sets
up for Black Panther 2 where W’Kabi will become a bigger threat to
T’Challa’s reign.

General Ross’s despair

Shortly after The Snap, Steve Rogers and the remaining
Avengers land in front of Avengers Tower. Faces blank, some take
seats, some stand, with Steve standing. No one knows what to do, but
then Rhodey states that he is going to call General Ross, because
that is the only thing he can think of doing.

No one argues and Rhodey makes the call. On screen Ross appears, looking terrible. His
hair is messy, his tie is untied and he is drinking a glass of
whiskey with the mostly empty bottle next to him. He takes a sip and
looks at the people in the room, a combination of people for the accords and enemies of the world.

Drunkenly he says “Colonel Rhodes,arrest…” Then Ross stops and
laughs, not a laugh of humor, but a laugh of defeat. This visibly
disturbs The Avengers who exchange looks and Rhodey says, “Sir…”

Ross interrupts. “She’s gone Colonel Rhodes, my whole world is
gone, vanished in a pile of ash right in front of me.” Knowing that
he was talking about Betty, Bruce wears a shocked expression and
Steve lowers his head in empathy.

“Half the freaking world vanished along with her,” Ross
continues, letting out a drunken hiccup, not even bothering to excuse
himself. “And there was nothing we could do about it.”

None of the other Avengers knows how to respond, because their losses
are fresh in their minds as well.

“Ross says, “After all I did, after all of the sacrifices of my
soul I’ve made to make the world a better place, after the Accords,
it still didn’t make the world safer. After all the lives I’ve
ruined…” Ross looks at Bruce. “I’m sorry for ruining your life

Bruce is shocked and surprised at this sudden apology, and
says, “You were just doing what you thought would protect the
world, I can relate to that.” (He us referring to his help in
creating Ultron here) Ross signs off, leaving The Avengers speechless

Tony and Steve reunite

Scene 4- Tony is flying back to earth with Nebula and lands in front
of Avengers tower. The remaining Avengers come out to greet him and
Tony steps off of the ship. Steve sees him and they lock eyes.
Suddenly Tony briskly walks towards him and Steve stands up taller,
not knowing what to expect from his former friend.

Tony gets in front of him and hugs him tightly, tears welling from
his eyes saying in a broken and cracked voice, “He’s gone. The
kid’s gone.” Steve hugs back, fighting back tears as well, saying
“Bucky too.” Tony lets go and says to Steve “I’m sorry for
breaking up the Avengers, We should have been together for this.”
Steve replies, “I don’t know if we would have made a difference.”


Scene 5- After they get Spider Man back, during the final battle,
Spider Man faces the Mad Titan and says “It’s time to do it,
activating Instant Kill mode.” He Extends both of his hands, lights
on the arms of his suit glow, and two very compressed, very deadly
balls of web come flying out of his hands in slow motion, flying
towards Thanos’s chest.

They hit Thanos and splatter against his
armor, leaving him unharmed because he is so powerful. Thanos wipes
off the web and says “really?” This is just a comedic scene to
show off instant kill mode.

Peter Quill’s true power

Scene 6- After they get Peter Quill back during the final battle,
Thanos uses the Time stone on him with the intent to de-age him back
to being a baby, but after a few seconds, Thanos is interrupted by
Captain Marvel and the attack is stopped. Peter staggers and Rocket
runs over to him and asks if he is okay.

Peter’s eyes glow and says “I’m better than okay, I’m back,” and rises into the air.
Thanos’s attack using the Time Stone had reverted Peter back to when
he had his celestial powers in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and now he
is at the height of his strength. He then proceeds to pummel Thanos
with his celestial powers.

White Marvel Cinematic Universe logo

The end of an Era

These are some scenes I’ve thought of that I would have written for
Avengers Endgame. This is the end of an era and it will go out with a
bang no matter what scenes are in the movie. I hope you enjoyed
reading these and let me know in the comments what scenes you would
like to see in Avengers Endgame?

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    • Thanks a lot Ali. I’ve been thinking a lot about what i would want to see in this movie, and as a writer I thought “why don’t I write it?”


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