The Blacklist review: Season 6 episode 15- Olivia Olson

The Blacklist
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Welcome to this week’s review of The Blacklist.

Aram is still struggling with Samar leaving and not handling it well. In the first few minutes of the episode, Aram has removed 60 million dollars from an account. From the promos last week, it’s obvious that this account is Reddington’s. Red this week is looking to take out a competitor and is being surprisingly forthcoming, much to Elizabeth’s surprise. There is probably another motive to Red’s admission, to the surprise of no one who has ever seen a season of The Blacklist.

So we begin

This Blacklister will bring them closer to Anna McMann, the person who tried to kill Reddington during his trial. This plot line will probably not end this season due to it being so big and I’m okay with that; these interconnected stories are always interesting, to Liz’s fight with the Cabal to the whole Alexander Kirk story. And soon after, Red’s real motives are revealed; He wants Olivia Olson to betray Anna McMann, which in the interest of taking her down, is not a bad plan on Red’s part. After the task force loses Olson, the goes straight to Anna Mcmann and informs her that she is being tailed by the police.

Red’s Plan

He wants Anna Mcmann to know that the task force is suspicious of her so that hopefully she makes a mistake. It’s a risky gambit Red and she comes storming into the Post Office (for the uninitiated, that’s the name of the secret base the task force it using) unpleasantness all around her. I love how Reddington is so open about his disdain of her, and how can you blame him, she always looks like she’s smelling poop at every second. It’s like she works at the DMV and hates her job. Cooper breaks down her “infallible” logic as she informs him. I’m getting tired of Ressler’s back and forth on Reddington. One second he hates him, the next he’s willing to risk everything to save his life, and the next he’s determined to find Red’s true identity, even though Liz doesn’t care anymore.

The bad guy (woman’s) plan

Olivia Olson plans to use a tragic accident to crater public opinion, and almost everyone considers it, but the FBI storm in with a warrant and lock down the building, putting pressure on the weak link and he gives them everything with the task force finding out about the coming attack. As Aram is leaving everyone goodbye notes, Red and Dembe catch him and they take Aram… to the jet to meet up with Samar. Red wisely talks to him and tells him about the danger that he could be putting Samar in. Mossad has bugged his apartment and most likely has a tail on him, and he even makes contact with the outside world, Mossad will find them and kill them, making his entire theft of Red’s 60 million dollars, Samar’s sacrifice and the giving up of his own life completely meaningless.

Stopping an attack

As Aram ponders his decision, Dembe passes Red some code and Aram is interested, stating the fact that he isn’t with Samar right now and that she’s not in danger right now and he does his thing and helps the task force. The attack begins and an explosion forces everyone to run but the floor gives out, sending six people falling, but Ressler saves the owner of the business just in time. They capture Olivia’s right-hand man and he turns on him. Aram gets ever closer to Samar and he seems to have an iron will, and he listens to Red tell one of his trademark stories. Red understands Aram’s pain but understand’s Samar’s sacrifice more and in the end he gets Aram to back down. He returns to the task force much to everyone’s delight. Ressler is still looking into Red’s true identity and that won’t go well for him.


I’m glad that Reddington handled Aram with compassion and that Aram made the right decision. It wasn’t easy and Mossad won’t give up so easy, but for now Samar is safe. Next week looks to be an intense episode as Red resumes the search for the one who turned him in.

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