Supergirl review: Season 4 episode 7- Public enemy number one!

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Everyone is looking for Lex Luthor and his associates, the masterminds of everything bad happening this season; the one behind Ben Lockwood, James’s shooting and even Otis’s miraculous recovery (not Eve’s infatuation though, she’s just crazy). Lex Luthor is a great villain, but what I don’t want this to turn into a situation where everything is because of Lex and all the hate disappears when Lex is captured at the end of the season. Let’s start this Supergirl review there.

J’onn’s true identity

Say what you will about this season getting too political; some like it and some don’t. Some watch superhero shows to escape politics, and hate it when those two worlds cross, but I think execution matters. For example there was an episode about Arrow where they covered gun control and it was done in a very clunky way. But I digress.

No one expected this episode to be any less intense, but everyone was on edge, either looking for Eve Tessmacher, Lex Luthor, or in J’onn’s case, trying to balance what he wants to do with the promise he made to his father. I have to say, it was good to see Carl Lumbly again as M’yrnn, and he was just as entertaining as ever. J’onn had used the staff to speak to his father’s soul for council, but M’yrnn’s soul was having none of J’onn’s pleading for him to just tell him the answers. I like this sassy M’yrnn and am disappointed that he died last season, but it worked and J’onn eventually realized who he is: The Martian Manhunter.

Take that Lillian!

Meanwhile, Lena visits her mother who is pleased that her son got out of prison and she is eagerly waiting her rescue, one which would have never come, because Lex was planning to kill her. By the way, I love the satisfaction that Lena got out of finally wiping the smug smirk off Lillian’s face. But Lex is cold to kill his own mother, but his actions aren’t surprising given that he bombed a little boy’s village last episode. If his mother can help be the downfall of Lex then it’s what he deserves.

Growing and developing

James is struggling with dealing with some long kept PTSD. Supergirl never came close to addressing it but of course James has some unresolved anxiety with all the years he’s gotten into danger and needed saving by Superman. You don’t get the nickname “Superman’s best pal” without being exposed to at least some threats, and apparently in this story, Lex has tried to kill him several times. James of course fought against that notion, but in the end, as expected, he went to his sister for help.

Supergirl and Lena are friends again at last! After finally addressing their differences about hoe Lena chooses to go about helping people, the two of them decide to finally let bygones be bygones. About freaking time, because Supergirl can be arrogant from time to time. I remember a couple of seasons ago when she outright told James that he couldn’t be guardian, like she controls his life. It’s one thing to give your opinion, it’s another to try and order someone, especially someone you call a friend to do something. But, she’s largely moved past actions like that, and this episode was another huge step forward in her growth.

Friendship and destruction

Even with this new restoration in the two women’s friendship, I still don’t know how Lena is going to react when she inevitably finds out Kara is Supergirl. (I say inevitably because this is a comic book show after all.) I for one think that because Lena has had multiple chances to be evil and hasn’t taken any of them that knowing the truth won’t turn her to the dark side or anything like that.

That last scene with Red Daughter shooting heat vision at everything was shocking, especially for Supergirl. You don’t see that level of carnage often, so it shows how seriously the creators are taking this season. This incident has completely destroyed Supergirl’s reputation, but again, I go back to my earlier point about how I hope that taking down Lex Luthor doesn’t magically solve all of this, because hate is an idea, not a person and, I hope this season doesn’t let me down at the 11th hour.

Next Episode

Next episode shows people going after Supergirl and her still resolving to help people. This is why she’s a true hero; she does the right thing even when it’s hard (and it’s freaking impossible now). The government will go after Supergirl with everything and most of it will be ineffective. Judging by these actions, it was a good thing that Supergirl didn’t tell the government her true identity, because then that would be a whole new way they could come after her.

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