Is Superhero fatigue real?

Could this be the end of the superhero craze?

Superhero fatigue? Are there too many
superhero movies? Are audiences burnt out on superhero movies? Is the
superhero craze over? These are all headlines you’ll hear once in a
while coming from bloggers and online journalists. Sometimes it’s
meant to be a serious discussion of the relatively new role that
superhero have played on an international scale (remember, the Marvel
Cinematic Universe is only 11 years old). Other times, headlines like
this re used only for clickbait. But I’m not here to criticize how
journalists decide to run their editorials, I’m here to talk about
“superhero fatigue.”

Too much content.

The idea that people are getting tired
of superhero movies and TV shows has existed for years, and a new
article exclaiming its death comes out almost every year. To the
untrained eye their points make sense; every year from Marvel and DC
more and more superhero movies are released, especially around the
summer. There are TV shows, movies, video games, comic books and even
stage plays like Marvel Universe Live. Superheroes as far as the eye
can see. So how with all this content, can people not get tired of

What kinds of superhero media is being made?

Well the answer is simple; because
every piece of superhero content is different. You can’t just look at
superheroes as a whole, or even just Marvel and DC and think they’re
the same, because they’re not. Look at what we’ve gotten over the
past decade: Iron man- a character thought to be bland and boring
being made into an international sensation and sparking new love for
the character as well as a host of new stories. Guardians of the
Galaxy; a franchise which no one was supposed to take seriously, a
team which featured a talking tree and raccoon! And on the DC side…
Aquaman is cool now! Yeah the guy who talks to fish, he’s a badass
surfer who is the king of Atlantis.

Use genre to tell a good story.

If you can tell a good story, you can
make most anything work, superhero or not. Marvel has been especially
adept at changing up the formula and letting their directors and
writers tell the story how they want, and I think that’s a big part
of why no two stories are the same and even the genres vary. You’ve
got everything from a WWII period piece in Captain America, to a
Space Opera in Guardians of the galaxy, to a futuristic,
geopolitical, sci-fi movie in Black Panther and on the DC side,
there’s the coming of age story that’s not your typical superhero
movie in Shazam.

The future is bright!

With all of these different types of
stories and storytelling methods with more on the way, as long as
movie studios keep things fresh, people like me will be back every
time to see what the studios have to offer, and I’m sure many of you
will be right there with me. Avengers Endgame is coming up and I’ve already got tickets and am ready for this experience.

Let me know in the comments if you’re burnt out on superheroes or think it’s a myth too.

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