How does no one know who Superman is?

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The most powerful fashion accessory in the world

Glasses. Good for fashion and the most
powerful accessory in the world apparently. Seriously, the man of
steel, Superman seems to have only a pair of glasses between him and
Clark Kent. If those glasses fall off for some reason he’s exposed,
so he’d better stay vigilant!

What if Clark’s glasses fall off?

People think that but of course it’s
not that simple. If Clark Kent takes off his glasses, he’s not
immediately recognized as Superman and there are reasons for that.
First off, Clark is an alien from another planet and everyone knows
is, so no one would guess that Superman even has a secret identity,
much less someone who works at a newspaper like the Daily Planet
(which by the way would be a huge scandal if the world did find out
Superman’s identity, you know with a reporter basically reporting on
himself., but that’s besides the point).

Special glasses

Secondly, in some comics, it was
explained that superman’s classes actually have special lenses on
them so that people actually see a different face when they see Clark
so they don’t even connect him to Superman. Now this hasn’t been
brought up in the last few decades, but it’s still something to
consider when thinking about this topic; could it be that Clark’s
classes are actually special?

Do Superman and Clark Kent act the same?

And the last point in Superman’s
defense is that Clark doesn’t act, speak or feel like Superman and
vice versa. Superman is a strong, commanding presence who stands up
straight and has a booming voice. Clark Kent however is a shy, not
very confident man who slouches over and has a puppy dog crush on
Lois Lane. If that were Superman, he’s come in and sweep Lois off her
feet with ease, so why would anyone suspect Clark Kent is the
greatest hero in the world. Clark has worked intensely to craft his
Clark Kent image to be a foil to Superman and it has worked so far.

Let’s start this discussion!

Let me know what you guys think in the
comments. Does it make sense that glasses could be a good disguise or
are you still not convinced?

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