Communist Supergirl? Supergirl Season 4 episode 6 review and recap

Supergirl logo
Supergirl logo

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Communist Supergirl, that’s what I thought when I first saw the logo on the outfit of the clone Supergirl. But then I remembered that the communist symbol is a sickle and a hammer and not just a hammer.

Last episode

Last episode brought us a sickly Lex Luthor who had gone to his sister Lena for help. He was dying of cancer, which, if you read the comics or have watched the Justice League Animated series on Cartoon Network, knows that was Kryptonite poisoning, which came as a result of Lex carrying Kryptonite around everywhere he went for years. He was paranoid of Superman, and that paranoia hurt him more than Superman ever would have. Hubris is quite something.

Lex was helping Lena solve the mysteries of the Harun-El which was the only thing that could save a dying James Olsen who had been shot 2 episodes ago. Lex and Lena worked together and seemed to be hashing things out again. But after creating the Harun-El and successfully using it on James, Lex revealed his true face. He stood up from the chair and revealed that this had been his plan all along; He had EVE TESSMACHER (yeah, she was working for Lex the entire time) shoot James to get Lena to create and test the Harun-El on our favorite ex-photographer so that Lex could verify that it worked and cure his cancer.

He had Otis Graves, who had been impersonating one of the guards using fancy face masking technology, and had given Lex the cure 10 minutes previously, subdue Lena and the bandits walked out of the building, with Lex killing the remaining guards using machine guns hidden in the walls of his house and getting on a helicopter, only to be met by Supergirl a few seconds later.


Lex escapes the helicopter using one of his famous Lex Luthor suits and is knocked onto the top of the Daily Planet by his other kryptonian enemy with his armor destroyed. Supergirl starts punching him and at this point I was like “be careful Supergirl, he’s not wearing armor anymore, don’t kill him” but then he caught one of her punches! I was stunned, and then Lex knocks Supergirl down and PICKS UP AND THROWS THE DAILY PLANET GLOBE ON TOP OF HER!

Lex’s machinations

Remember the clone Supergirl that has showed up for about 60 seconds this season, yeah, she finally appears and she is revealed to be working with Lex. The Russians found her at the end of the last season finale and they took her in to become a weapon for them, hence why there were shots of her flying around throughout the season. What this episode revealed was the Russian government called Lex because of his interest in Kryptonians. He was serving something like 38 consecutive life sentences for crimes against humanity and poisoning the jury at the trial, and in Lex Luthor fashion, he bribed the warden to let him leave. Our prison system at work people!

He obviously saw the potential in this clone Supergirl, and let her know that she was created by black Kryptonite last season. Over a period of months, he teaches her English, gives her books and shows her how to blend in with humans, so that she could one day fight against America, not because he hates America, but because he wants Russia to fight America so he can take them both down and rule the world.

When clone Supergirl was ready, he took her to America, undercover in a bad wig, and they infiltrated Kara Danvers’s apartment. Yes, Lex Luthor knows who Supergirl is! It’s not too surprising, because if Lex knows that Superman is Clark Kent in this story, then it’s not too far-fetched that a genius like him could figure out that the other Kryptonian hero flying around is Clark Kent’s cousin.

But this Supergirl has a pesky little problem; her humanity. Even though she’s never met Kara Danvers, she still wants to help people and looking through Kara’s stuff, she sees the good in America and even meets Alex when she comes to get some stuff from Kara’s apartment. Her admiration and empathy for Americans is growing and she’s doubting Lex’s words about how America is bad.

Lex can’t have that, he’s invested too much into this girl for it to all fall apart because of some petty emotions. Earlier in the episode clone Supergirl had previously befriended a little boy in a nearby village who had lost his parents. To make clone Supergirl hate America, Lex sent Eve Tessmacher to infiltrate an America battle vessel near Russia’s border and kill everyone inside, then she targeted the village where the little boy was and blew it to smithereens. Using her super hearing, clone Supergirl heard the screams and flew to the village, seeing the horror that lay before her. Luckily Otis had a moment of empathy and took the boy away before the destruction beforehand and told him to “avoid any bald men.” This version of Lex is a savage.


Later in the episode, clone Supergirl became ill due to the black Kryptonite and the only way to save her was through something that Lena was testing; the Harun-El. Lex knew that Lena would never help him get it without a push, so HE GAVE HIMSELF CANCER BY GOING INTO A RADIATION CHAMBER, and then had Eve shoot James so she would be forced to save him, test the cure, then Otis would heal Lex. It worked like a charm, and as for the clone Supergirl, he used his blood to cure her, and then she was completely on his side. (I wonder what she’ll do to him if she ever finds out what he did to the little boy’s village?)

There’s something to be said about Lex’s dedication to his plan. Giving yourself cancer to trick your sister is a level of commitment that would make even Thanos proud.

What did I think?

It was an excellent episode, one which served to put the whole season in perspective and give it greater stakes. Lex was done very well, I guess the writers realized that if you’re going to have Lex Luthor in your show, then you need to bring. Lex. Luthor. I’m excited for the rest of the season going forward.

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