Arrow show review and recap: Season 7 Episode 18

Arrow show review and recap: Season 7
Episode 18: Lost Canary

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Oh Laurel

This episode of Arrow is a Laurel
episode, which I was cautious about because they are sometimes a
mixed bag. This one starts with Laurel beating down criminals and
reuniting with an old criminal friend. Meanwhile Felicity and Oliver
discuss Emiko and how to turn her against the 9th Circle.
This has been quite a trying time for the Arrowverse, both Barry’s
daughter and Oliver’s sister have turned out to be working against
them. Wow, family is a complicated thing.

Black Siren’s rampage

Laurel steals money from a mobster
pretending to be a try cleaner with her new partner, and Felicity and
Dinah find out while the city turns against their D.A. John and
Oliver also catch one of the Longbow Hunters who can tank an arrow
(but now a tranq arrow).

In the future (which I expect to fully
be retconned, removed from time, or just an alternate future) Galaxy
One has killed a bunch of people with their bombs. I wish I could be
more invested in the story line, but it is what it is.

Dinah finds Black Siren and Dinah has
assistance from someone unexpected, Sara Lance. I guess she’s taking
a break from singing alongside magical creatures (that actually
happened in tonight’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). After an
excellent fight Black Siren and her partner Shadowthief escaped.
Felicity and Sara bond and have an adorable reunion and then it’s off
to a shady warehouse, (surprise).

No need for hypocrisy

I have to love how tables are the
ultimate bond shielding device in movies and TV shows. It’s so absurd
but it seems to work every time. One day someone on YouTube is going
to do a debunked video on the subject (if they haven’t already).
Anyway the two canaries and Felicity ponder on what to do and
Felicity and Dinah get into a heated argument where Felicity reminds
Dinah that she didn’t start off a good guy either and she only
changed through the strength of the friends around her.

Sara and Black Siren meet at Quinton’s
grave and Sara gives her some much-needed perspective on how
redemption is a marathon not a sprint. God season 7 is good, I wish
that all the seasons had been as good as this, instead we got
reasons that went back and forth between being great and just meh. I
have confidence though that Arrow Season 8 will go out with a bang.

Laurel makes a decision

In the end, Laurel decides to be who
she, not Lance, not Felicity, wants to be and stops Shadowthief. I
have to say that she spent all episode fighting against being good
and all it took as a conversation to change her. At first, when they
activated the bomb, I thought that they killed the minions in the
building, but it seems not. Laurel decides to go back to Earth 2 and
be a hero, which is a great decision that gives her purpose and hey,
she’s shown up in the flash-forwards’ now so we’ll be seeing more of


Overall I give this episode an 8/10. The
pacing was good and they really gave Laurel a worthy sendoff (at
least in the present timeline). Let me know what you thought of this
episode in the comments below.

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