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Welcome to The Ultimate Heroes, my name is William. I am a big fan of superheroes and superhero media, but I love a good hero’s story just as much.

What’s up with this guy?

I have been watching superhero TV shows since I was 8. I remember seeing Spider Man and his Amazing Friends and seeing those colorful characters using cool powers blew me away. From there it was history; I watched almost every TV show and movie that Marvel and DC had to offer because I loved the characters that much.

Even though I never got into the comics in any big way, I loved the impact that they had on the world, and it showed me what a good hero story looks like and now when I watch TV shows, I’m aware of the different elements that go into telling the story.

Why superheroes?

Because I love heroes, it’s that simple. I happen to love both Marvel and DC, but some people have tried to pressure me to like one side or the other. Why do I have to choose, I should be able to and do like stories from both sides and that will never change, and I know that there are many people out there that are on the same side.

This is a place to get away from the angry debates and ugly comments and enjoy what all superheroes have contributed to the world.

What’s here?

This is a place where people from all avenues of fiction can come and enjoy a good story and discussion. I will be talking about what I love, and the many perspectives I have on different topics, both inside and outside of the colorful world of superhero media.

Here you’ll be able to read reviews, contribute to discussion, see cool items for sale, and more.

What TV shows are you talking about here?

TV shows that I enjoy and have a good story. I have watched a lot of TV shows in the fiction and fantasy genre, from The Blacklist (James Spader is amazing) to Grimm, and even canceled shows like The Event (you were gone too soon)

I will be doing reviews of episodes of some current TV shows, and discussing others, even if they’re older topics.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Creator of The Ultimate Heroes

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